Winter 2010 / 2011

Welcome to True Russian Icons!
Here you can find our new winter collection of icons.
And a collection of previously unsold icons with reduced prices
All these original pieces of art are unique and rear. The artistic and historic value is guaranteed by us.

Icons on the internet.
On this web-page you can find our icons with an easy classification system.

The following internet gallery of icons has been compiled by four collectors with combined collecting experience over 50 years.
Having reviewed existing icon collections online, we have developed a classification system for easier understanding and appreciation of our collection. This classification system is not based on different schools nor organized by age and period. Instead, our classification system follows the collector`s value logic:

●Museum class: once in a life time, could not be better;
●Collection class: a gem in the collection;
●Interior class: really nice, good to show off.

At the moment our on-line collection contains over 100 icons.

We co-operate with one of the leading experts in Baltic, Georgi Serebryakoff, who is engaged in examination, conservation and restoration.
Find out more at www.oldicons.com